The Early Math Series


Fills the gap in the early learning genre with higher order math fiction for 0-10 year olds; planting the seeds of a smarter generation TODAY. This teacher-endorsed, award-winning series makes it easy for parents and teachers at every level to introduce critical concepts to newborns, toddlers, preschoolers and early elementary age children. The only one of its kind, the Early Math Series dramatically increases the number of children interested in and talented in mathematics and science as they enter middle school. Makes a great gift, storybook, corporate giveaway, and early learning book for children 0-10.



Negative Nine: The Early Math Series Book 1

Negative Nine is lost on the great number line! Can you help him find his place?…Follow this negative negative number as he quests for his place on the great number line. Children will learn the basic concept of negative numbers along with valuable lessons in perseverance. Opposites abound as you pass zero into the realm of negatives, leaving the positive numbers behind. See if you can find them all!
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Zero, Zero Everywhere!: The Early Math Series Book 2

When Zero leaves, the town fills up with too much something! Will Zero return in time to save the city?… Zero is in charge of checking all of the nothing in town but the other numbers think very little of him. Fed up, Zero packs all his nothing and takes a much needed vacation. When Number City is overrun with something of everything, they cry out for our hero who swiftly sets about zeroing out all of the mayhem. Children will learn the concept of zero. Specifically, zero as a good and important thing; a positive lack of existence. This book also lays the foundations for the use of zero in computer science and other engineering related fields.
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