X-Fringe: Diary of a Gen-X Woman in the World’s Most Powerful Technology Agency


X-FRINGE is the raw, unedited diary of one woman’s tour of duty at *****.  ”exhilarating, frustrating, hilarious, infuriating, inspiring, tragic and raw.” is how Dr. V describes the ***** experience.  It’s not all high tech for these rock stars of the defense world. Battles over money, egos, heart wrenching realities, secret meetings, real life heroes and everyday office politics make up the real story behind the people. The human reality of this dynamic organization comes through and for the first time, the world has a chance to know what life is really like inside this unique organization. Whether to improve your business development, get to know the mind of your GenX customer or just satisfy your curiosity about what really goes on inside this legendary agency, X-FRINGE is a must read!





Imagine having your own top secret access to the inner workings of *****. That is exactly what Dr. Vanderbilt does. Whatever you think this organization is like, you have no idea. You have got to read this book! ~Mike Michalowicz, author of the Pumpkin Plan


If you’re a potential “seedling” this book will reveal to you a lot about what happens behind the scenes before and after your funding proposal gets approved.  If you’re considering joining the world’s most powerful technology agency as a PM, you won’t find a more intimate insider’s perspective of what lies ahead.  If you’re interested in learning more about how government funds innovation, and how a group of really smart people at this high-profile agency approach their mission, this book offers a unique perspective and a fun backstage pass. ~John Casey, Managing Partner at Mason Venture Members